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The work of the TMF professional is evolving in complexity at the same time as it is growing in significance. Individuals and companies must adapt to keep pace with the changing regulations, emerging technologies, the advent of the eTMF, the growth of CROs in the marketplace, globalization and a host of other stressors. TMF management and stewardship is becoming increasingly specialized at the same time as it is becoming more integrated with other clinical functions and beyond.

The TMF Institute is a landmark training course program intended to complement our TMF Summit series. We created the TMF Institute by incorporating what participants like most about the TMF Summit series' workshops into an objective-driven professional growth and learning opportunity.

We hope that you will participate the TMF Institute — Philadelphia this August 12-13, 2019.

Who Should Participate

Professionals from pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device organizations as well as CROs, vendors, and eTMF/TMF service providers having or seeking responsibilities in the following areas:

  • TMF and eTMF Management
  • Document/Record Management
  • Clinical Trial Administration
  • Clinical Operations
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Clinical Compliance
  • Clinical Business Processes
  • Clinical Research Management
  • Clinical Development/Study Management
  • Quality Assurance/Control/Operations
  • GCP
  • Data Archiving
  • Regulatory Affairs/Operations
  • Competency Development
  • Strategic Operations and Planning
  • Informatics/Clinical IS
  • IT/System Integration
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Alliance Management
  • SOPs/Process Improvement


"The institutes not only provided good content, but also facilitated effective collaboration in the class."

— Perry Steinberg
General Manager

"ExL does a great job managing these conferences. They provide a focus on an important part of the clinical research that doesn’t always get top billing."

— Kate Santoro
CTM, Clinical Systems, Documentation

"The TMF Institute is a great forum for those looking to increase their TMF knowledge and learn from more about the landscape of the industry with their peers."

— Liz Farrell
Senior Manager, TMF Process

"Fantastic opportunity to engage with fellow TMF community members to share success and challenges."

— Krista Serratore
Team Lead, Documents Manager

"Excellent course with outstanding speakers and content."

— Cynthia Hector
Senior Field Engineer

"ExL is an excellent event organizer and have great TMF programs. I would strongly recommend to friends and co-workers!"

— Kathy Doan-Walker

"Just when you think you have a handle on the TMF, something changes! Theses courses are a great place to level-set and collaborate with TMF professionals. Great opportunity to hear others, help others, and come together to discuss a very specialized field

— Laura Hatcher
eTMF Manager

Leading International Experts

Educational Underwriters

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