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Inspection Readiness, Quality, and streamlined processes are at the core of the European TMF Summit. The work of TMF professionals and stakeholders continues to evolve in complexity. Globalisation, changing global regulations, mergers and acquisitions, evolving technologies and a host of other trends necessitate systems that are both pliable and dependable.

The 7th European TMF Summit that took place in London in October 2018 provided clarity and actionable lessons for 130+ participants. Andy Fisher from the MHRA was centre stage for nearly three hours between his keynote address and Q&A session to punctuate the event. As Lead Senior GCP Inspector at the MHRA, his contributions bore out why he is the clear choice for any TMF professional for illuminating inspection trends and clarifying MHRA’s TMF priorities.

The agenda of the 7th EU TMF Summit that took place in October 2018 introduced tracks into this event — a Continuous Improvement Track and a Transitions track. The programme spotlighted best practices and pioneering strategies for the application of emerging technologies, metrics, and oversight strategies to improve Inspection Readiness, Quality, and streamlined Operations.

There is every reason to think that 2019 will include even more options so attendees may better customise their own experience to their particular needs.

We look forward to continuing our stature as Europe’s largest resource for TMF education and professional networking.

We hope that you will join us.

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