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Over the past few years, the work of a TMF professional had grown more and more complex for a variety of reasons (e.g., increasing regulation, emerging technologies, eTMF, growth of CROs in marketplace). It is safe to say that this trend is expected to continue if not accelerate due to globalization, the advent of using eTMF for oversight, and so forth.

ExL is proud to announce that that we are launching a landmark training course program to complement our summit series. ExL’s TMF Summits offer a comprehensive education and PD for TMF. Each of the courses in the training course program will provide in-depth knowledge and specialized skill sets in a particular area. The courses that will be offered include:

Each daylong course will consist of three progressive two-hour classes. The following six courses in a TMF Training Institute that will take place this June 12-13 in Boston:

  • TMF Foundations
  • Quality Oversight
  • Inspection Readiness
  • eTMF Implementation
  • TMF Management
  • ICH E6(R2)

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